Treble Cone, NZ


Discovering a Skier’s Paradise: A Tour of Treble Cone Ski Fields

In the heart of New Zealand’s South Island, set amidst the grandeur of the Southern Alps, lies Treble Cone. As the island’s largest ski field, it offers an unrivaled blend of varied terrains, exceptional snow quality, and breathtaking views, making it an irresistible destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

Nestled close to the charming town of Wanaka, Treble Cone’s location offers an idyllic blend of snow-covered adventure and welcoming local hospitality. The resort itself spans two basins – the Saddle Basin and Home Basin, each with its unique charm and challenges.

The Home Basin is the first to greet visitors with its broad, groomed runs and comfortable, steady pitch. It’s the perfect terrain for beginners and intermediates looking to build confidence or warm up their skiing legs. The Home Basin is also home to the “Jazz Fun Park,” Treble Cone’s dedicated freestyle area, where beginners can try their hand at jumps and tricks.

For advanced skiers, the Saddle Basin is a paradise. Known for its long off-piste runs and steep chutes, it offers the kind of terrain that gets adrenaline pumping. One must-try run is the “Motatapu Chutes,” a series of narrow, steep chutes that offer an exhilarating challenge for experienced skiers.

One of the standout features of Treble Cone is its snow. With an annual average snowfall of roughly six meters, it’s blessed with some of the best powder conditions in the region. The resort’s position on the eastern side of the Southern Alps means it’s perfectly placed to catch the snow-laden westerly winds, resulting in consistently excellent snow coverage throughout the season.

The natural halfpipes and wide-open spaces of Treble Cone make it a top choice for freeride skiing. In fact, the terrain is so good it has become a training ground for international ski teams.

Off the slopes, the on-site café provides a cozy spot to rest and recharge, offering a range of locally sourced dishes. As you dine, floor-to-ceiling windows present an awe-inspiring view of Lake Wanaka and the surrounding mountains.

In the world of New Zealand skiing, Treble Cone is a gem. Its unique blend of terrain, superb snow conditions, and stunning views make it a must-visit for any ski enthusiast.